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Let's all paws! If you are staying in a Lodge Suite or Tiny House we have a $25 per dog per day fee. (At this time we are only dog friendly—woof!) Payment and pet notification are required before you arrive on the property.  Please select Pet Fee as an add on after securing your reservation and review our Pet Policy below.

Credit Card Authorization

Guest will sign and approve a Credit Card Authorization Form to allow this JET Hospitality resort to have their CC on file for any damage or extra cleaning cost caused because of their dog's visit to our property. If the CC Authorization Form is not agreed to, you will not be allowed to have your dog accompany you to Pacific Dunes Resort.

Furniture/ Showers

Dogs are not allowed on beds or couch under any circumstances. Dogs are also not allowed in any showers on property. There are outdoor washing stations on both sides of the Bath House.JET Hospitality resorts reserve the right to charge guest a $150.00 non-negotiable cleaning fee if it is suspected that dogs where in bed, on couch, or in the shower.


If management receives complaints about incessant barking or whining, guest will be asked to remove dog from property immediately. If guest has to leave with dog, no refund will be issued for the remainder of the guest stay.


Our resort is not liable for any injury that becomes your dog while on our property.

LeaSH/Waste Clean-up

Dogs must be on a controllable leash at all-times when not in guest room.Guest must clean-up dog waste and dispose of it in a trash can.

Dog Attendance

Dog can not, for any amount of time, be left unattended in a Bungalow, Lodge Room, Glamping Tent, or Tiny House.If the resort becomes aware that your dog has been left unattended, you will be asked to return immediately. If you do not return in a reasonable amount of time, you and your dog may be asked to leave our property. If guest has to leave with dog, no refund will be issued for the remainder of the guest stay.


The guest takes responsibility of any damage or injury caused by their dog, to any other person or their property that is visiting or staying at the resort.


Damage caused by guest's dog to room, furniture, or any part of resort property is the guest's responsibility. Guest will be charged accordingly for any damage done.

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